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Ms Sippy's Page


Hi, my name is Peggy Kimery Mitchell, and welcome to my web site!
Here you'll learn all about me: my interests and hobbies, the people in my family, my pets, and more, whether you want to know all this or not!
I have lots of interests, and as time goes by, I'll be posting more about them on my site.  In the meantime, browse around and I hope you have some fun while you're here!
To the upper right is a picture of my husband, Roger, and me. Aren't we cute? We've been married for 34 years, and have two living children, Kenneth, age 32, and Leigh Anne, age 30. We have two other daughters in Heaven. Jamie Maree would be 22, and Amy Elizabeth would be 20, if they had lived.
We own an electrical and plumbing contracting and supply business.  Both our children work for us, and hopefully, within a few years, they'll be able to take over the entire business so we can retire to the mountains in Arkansas.  In addition, our daughter and I opened a $1 store in September, 2003, despite my husband's refusal to have anything to do with it!
   Update on $1 Store: Still going strong, and husband has changed his tune! We have so many great deals that we've started selling on Ebay!

What's New?

I have added a couple of pages showing my decorating efforts, plus I have added pages showing my genealogy with old family pictures.
Also, check out my Fun Photo pages, my Jokes and Cool Stuff, my Political Fun page, and my BBQ Fun pages!
I'll be adding more stuff, so keep checking back!

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