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More Decorating!

More decorating on the cheap!

We bought a new 50' x 14' mobile home and put it on our property near Mountain Home, Arkansas.  The bedrooms are small, but I think they came out pretty nicely, although my husband's fishing buddies say they are too "sissy".  I guess they thought I was going to let them turn it into a fishing camp that looks like their hunting camp.....NOT!!!

This is the master bedroom in our vacation home.  I took an old cheap headboard and upholstered it the same way I did the headboard in our guestroom at our main home.  The double valance is made from coordinating sheets, with lace curtains beneath.  The bedside table is made from a circle of plywood placed atop a 30-gal plastic trash can, which doubles as extra storage space...a necessity in a mobile home!  The tablecloth is also made of sheets.  I found the bedding at Target.


This is the guestroom at our vacation home.  O.K., I admit that it's rather feminine, but it is my home too!  I was initially going to make a picket fence headboard, but when it turned out that I would have to put the bed under the window in order to have room for a bedside table, I decided to just let the window curtains be the backdrop for the bed. 

My sister-in-law gave us the dresser, and I painted it green to coordinate with the bedding.  I found the mirror and prints at dollar stores.  We have since had to put a small freezer in the corner beside the other place to put it!  I also added a collection of candles to the left side of the dresser.   Candles really create a romantic atmosphere!


The bedside table is also a plywood circle on top of a plastic trash can, and we store the grandkids' life jackets and flotation toys in it.  The curtains and tablecloth are made of sheets that I found at Dollar General.  The material is way too thin for sheets, but they made lovely curtains.  I was very pleased with how well they coordinated with the bedding that I found at Target.