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Ms Sippy's Decorating Page

Decorating On A Budget



I love to decorate!  And, the cheaper I can create a nice look for our home, the better I like it!  Take a look at what I've done to our guestroom!
The walls are done in a glazed technique called "frottage".  I rolled on a yellowy cream color satin-finish paint.  Next, I mixed a light brown paint with glaze and rolled that on top of the base coat.  I then stuck sheets of thin plastic dropcloth over that and rolled it down with a roller.  I then pulled the plastic off the walls.  The leather-like effect is rather interesting and looks like wallpaper.
I used a jigsaw to cut out the headboard from 3/4" fiberboard,  and then upholstered it with 3 layers of quilt batting and a sheet.  To make the roll on top, I bought an extra dustruffle, cut off the body of it, and gathered both sides.  I stapled one side to the top of the headboard, stuffed it with fiberfill, and stapled the other side to the back of the headboard.  To finish off, I hot-glued burgundy cording to the seam.  The drapes are made from sheets, and I will be slipcovering the chair in the same pattern.  I modified the purchased balloon valances to create a more elegant look.


The round table is covered with a floor-length burgundy tablecloth made from a sheet.  I found the lamp at a garage sale for only $10, and found a fringed lampshade at Walmart.  I later saw a similar lamp in an antique shop for $125!  My daughter bought the "French" phone at a garage sale a few years ago for only $3, and yes, it does work!  The prints on the walls are some classical prints that I found at Walmart for only $1 each, which I put in gold frames that I also found at Walmart.  I later saw one of the prints, framed similarly, for $55 at the mall.  My prints cost less than $20 each!  I will be making a tapestry wall hanging to go on the wall behind the chair.

I plan to paint the dresser in a crackle-finish technique, using a basecoat of gold, with the top coat being a green to coordinate with the green in the comforter.  I've never done the crackle technique before, so I hope it works out!
I bought an architectural molding to put on top of the mirror, and that will be painted gold, with a brown stain to make it look more antique.
I found the topiary for only $10 and added a burgundy tassel.  The verdigris-looking cherub was only $7 at a Fred's Dollar Store.  The set of wrought iron candlesticks were $35 at a charity auction, and I added the greenery.

This is our den at home.

I reupholstered the sofa and loveseat myself in a denim with narrow rust and white stripes, except for the cushions.  Since the cushions have imnersprings, I figured it would be better to let an upholsterer do them for $75.  My upholstery job only cost me about $150!
Roger thought I was nuts when I started painting the walls a rust color, but he loves it now.  The warm color makes the whole room feel warmer.


Check out the next page of my decorating efforts!