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Family Resemblences
Genes at Work
Although I've never been all that great at science, genetics is one thing that fascinates me.  For instance, there is a distant relative who looks almost exactly like my Uncle Ryce looked 30 years ago and who also bears a strong resemblence to my Daddy.  I believe that their great-great-grandfathers were brothers, yet 150 years later, these very distant cousins bear such a strong resemblence to each other, despite the introduction of other genetic material.
I once went to a graduation party for my cousin's graduating class.  While there, I became uncomfortably aware of this little old lady staring at me and following me around.  I finally went to my mother and said, "Mama, don't look, but there's a little old lady stalking me."  Well, naturally, Mama looked!  The little old lady, a Mrs. Stroup, came up to us and apologized for staring at me, but said that I looked so much like her granddaughter that she couldn't believe it.  After talking with her a minute, we discovered that her late husband had been my grandfather's 1st cousin.
Another time, my sister, who was a receptionist at the time, saw my "brother" walk in the door.  Seeing that he was wearing a suit (my brother wore game warden uniforms in his work), she asked, "What are you doing so dressed up?"  The guy looked puzzled, but said, "I'm here to see Mr. So-and-so," and handed her his card.  She said, "Mr. So-and-so is in a meeting right now, but they should be out very soon.  What have you been up to?"  Again, the guy looked puzzled, but leaned up against the doorway just like my brother always does, and said, "Not much, just work. How have you been?"  Anyway, the conversation went on and on, until he finally figured out that she thought he was someone else.  When she finally looked at his card, she saw that his last name was Stroup.  Yep!  His grandfather was also a 1st cousin to our grandfather, and a brother to the afore-mentioned Mrs. Stroup's late husband.
So.....I decided to put pictures of relatives, both distant and not-so-distant, who look alike on this page.
This is my grandfather as a young man.

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On the right is my niece, Virginia, with my mom.

When this picture of my grandfather was found, Virginia said, "Now, I know who I look like!"

In the center front is my maternal grandmother, Ura Marie Wallace Landers.

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These are our grandchildren. In the center front is Kelsey, aged 4 at the time.

Shawn, on the left, is the spitting image of his dad; Justin, at top, favors his dad, but looks very much like my daddy did as a young boy (except for the red hair!); Jordy, on the right, looks like his mom, I think, although something about him is like our son (not the red hair, though!).

My sister, Shirley, is on the far right.
On the far left is my older sister, Shirley.
I think Shirley looked very much like my grandmother as a child, and she still does look like Mama Ura!
This is me at age 5.

I think Kelsey looks a tiny bit like me, don't you?