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Clydesdale Children's Christmas Store
Letters from Santa
The Letters from Santa for 2002 have already gone out, but we will keep this page on site so you can sign up for 2003!  Although we got to a late start on this project, we were able to raise almost $300---enough to help make a happier Christmas for three children!
Thank you for your support!

Let Santa send your child a letter and help us provide a better Christmas for other children!

For the past eight years, the Clydesdale Children's Christmas Store has helped make Christmas a happier time for more than 5,000 needy children in the North Mississippi area. We have provided these children with toys and warm clothing that they would otherwise have done without. On the Saturday before Christmas, Santa and his helpers give out the toys and clothing directly to the children at the National Guard Armory in Holly Springs, MS.

This is an opportunity for you to help the Clydesdale Childrens Christmas store give many poor children a happier Christmas, while giving your own child some Christmas joy.

Imagine your child's delight when he or she opens his very own personalized letter from Santa! For only $6 each, Santa will write your child a letter and include some of the details in your child's life. If we receive your check or money order before November 18, 2002, your child's letter will be postmarked from North Pole, Alaska! After that date and until December 1st, your child can still receive a letter from Santa, but without the North Pole postmark. Your child will receive his letter from Santa during the first part of December (It takes approximately 3 weeks for the North Pole Post Office to process the letters.).

Simply print out this page, fill out the form below and send it to us!  Hurry!  Time is growing short!

P.S.  Feel free to photocopy and pass on to your friends and family!

Letter from Santa Information

Child's Name:____________________________________________________ Age:________________

Mailing Address:______________________________________________________________________


Child's School or Babysitter:________________________________________________________ Grade:_________

Child's names for Grandparents:___________________________ ___________________________

Name of Pet:________________________ Best friend's name:________________________________

Names of siblings:_____________________________________________________________________

Favorite activity or sport:_______________________________________________________________

Parent's phone number (in case we need more info):________________________________________

Mail, with a check or money order in the amount of $6 per child to:

Clydesdale Childrens Christmas Store

c/o Peggy Mitchell

525 Highway 178 East

Holly Springs, MS  38635

North Pole Postmark Deadline: November 18, 2003

Final Deadline for local postmark: December 1, 2003